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Tips on How to Wear All-White

If there are shade that are tough to rock, one of them has to be white. The shade’s brightness makes it easy to notice the outfit and easier to see any stains or errors with the outfit.

Try Alternative Textures

If you aim to make your attire exciting and vibrant, try mixing and matching the materials. Combine white denim with a knit kimono and a tank top if you’re considering an all-white casual look. The different fabrics enhance style while maintaining the sophistication of a monochrome appearance.

Match the Shade

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One thing that the majority of people don’t know is that there’s more than a single shade of white. You have options like ivory, winter white, among others. However, this doesn’t mean these shades complement one another. Anytime that you wear monochromatic attire, have the tones in consideration. Get adventurous with your options and make good use of your mirror before stepping out. Let your eyes make the final determination. Make sure that you observe yourself from a well-lit room; good lighting is critical.

Include Neutrals

Going all-white can turnout challenging, likely during daytime functions. Maintaining a clean look throughout the day can become impossible, especially shoes. No need to worry; including transparent or silver shoes to your look can serve as a neutral, while preserving the monochromatic composition.


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Nature itself gives us beautiful accessories that we use to pamper ourselves. An attachment can either break or make your dressing aesthetic. Consider the white theme as a background and create some art with jewelry. Something like a boho neckpiece can help your style look appear ‘beachy’. You still have the option of using fine items for a look that’s understated and keeps you as the main focus.

Get a Tan

White shades pop well when the wearer looks sunkissed. Getting a tan at least a day before is the only way to make this work. Remember, makeup and bronzer lotions rub off quickly, leaving you looking a mess. Following these steps will help maintain your tan and cleanliness of your clothes.

Do Your Make Up and Hair

No matter how stunning our outfits look, we always have a desire to be the main attraction. Take advantage of the various makeup options and alternative hairstyles you can try. Keep your makeup neutral, and don’t apply anything in excess. For your hair, you can try loose waves, a bun or a braid, whatever fits the mood.

Make sure you do not waste time picking your outfit that you forget to do your beauty routine.…


Choosing The Best Beard Dye

A graying beard may be troublesome to most men and may cause considerable stress. In most occasions it the role of the genes that causes the change of the color giving facial hair uneven appearance. However, it is very easy to use beard dying or coloring as a way to hide the gray hairs while at the same time giving the face an attractive appearance with almost a natural look. The art of beard dyeing has been practiced for a long time as a fashion style. Also, great advancements have been made in mastering it and upgrading the quality of the services provided. Therefore, when considering dyeing the beard, it is important to factor in the following;

Right dye shade

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The best beard dye occur in several color selections. The choice of the right shade should in most cases complement the facial hairs such as the eyelashes and head hair. These beard dyes range from blonde to brown or black. Moreover, the different colors can achieve a dark or light shade according to one’s preference without the beard looking fake. Moreover, the color should be in a position to last for long and should not damage the skin.

Permanence of the dye

All beard dyes are made from semi-permanent formulas that do not fade easily. However, with continued washing using shampoo the colors may change hence regular retouches are necessary. Moreover, the permanence of the beard dye eventually is overgrown by the beard. Hence, it requires reapplying in considerable intervals.

Ease of application

Men may attest to the fact that unlike some head hair types, the beard is coarse, rough and dry. Therefore, the chosen dye type should be easy to apply and achieves the desired shade instantly. Moreover, the dye gel use should easily dry and permanently cover the whole beard evenly. However, before using the dye, it is important to conduct a patch test to ensure that it does not react with the skin causing mild rashes or unwanted chemical burns. Most beard dyes use a simple application brush or a toothbrush which ensures that the dye is spread evenly without coating the skin.

Types of dyes

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Beard types occur as either artificial or natural. The artificial dyes are made of chemical compounds while most natural dyes are from synthetic materials such as plant-based dyes such as henna. Chemical dyes can be irritating and may blister the skin. However, the dyes act in lengthening and strengthening the facial hairs.…

Tips To Growing A Healthy Beard

Do you dream of having amazing beards like some of your friends? Well, growing amazing beards is a valid dream that anyone can achieve. You only need to master a few things that will help you achieve your dream with much ease. Some of those tips are discussed in this article. Read them to equip yourself with helpful information.

Your diet

asdfdsawsedDid know that your diet has a great impact on your facial hair? Well, most people do not know this. It might sound amusing that the food that you eat determines the quality of your beards, but the truth is that is the case, and you cannot change it. So if you want to grow attractive beards that will attract anyone who cares to note, then you need to make sure that your diet is right. There are some specific vitamins and minerals that are needed for a health and strong beards. So it is your responsibility to extensive research and finds out what diet is fit for your beards.


If you want super healthy beards, then you need to understand that diet alone will never be enough. You will need to make use of supplements that have been proved to effective. One of the products that you can give a try is rogaine beard. There are people who still wonder whether Rogaine beard really works? The truth is that there is a good number of people have found it to be helpful. If you have never used it, then it is high time that you give it a try.


For you to have a perfect beard, you need to be committed to ensuring that you achieve your dream. Every successful thing will always need some degree of dedications. Sometimes, you might receive discouragement from your friends and family members, but you must remain focused. While your genetic makeup plays a significant role in your beard, you need to understand that commitment is equally important.


sdfgdsasdfgAnother way that you can use to make the process of growing your beard successful is increasing your testosterone level. Most men would want to increase the level of this hormone in the body for various reasons apart from enhancing the growth of beard. While they might not be aware of the influence of the hormone as far as beards are concerned, the truth id that the hormone plays a significant role in ensuring that you have a healthy beard. It is simple to increase the level of hormone in your body. One of the most natural ways is that of going to the gym.…