Types Of Jeans

4 Best Types Of Jeans For Women

There are varieties of women’s jeans, which range from plus sized women to ultra slim fit women, that make the selection in women’s jeans to be limitless. Women’s jeans are categorized on three elements, namely rise, wash and cut.

Depending on these elements here are some different types of jeans for women.

4 Best Types Of Jeans For Women

  • 1. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are the trendiest style of jeans that you can select if you want to show off your flawless figure. If you have a good waist and a slender body, then I highly recommend you go for skinny jeans to show off your legs and body shape. Nevertheless, you can always wear skinny jeans, no matter what size or figure shape you have.

  • 2. Stretch jeans

Stretch jeans are great on any woman’s body. The jeans are intended to easily stretch over the back and the thighs just as the name indicates. They will show all your body flaws and give the wearer a tight but and a flat stomach.

  • 4 Best Types Of Jeans For Women3. Low-rise jeans

These jeans fit for those who have a medium or slim body since they are worn on the hipline. If you have a curvy body or flat abs’ I advise you go for low-rise jeans but women with heavy hips and short height are not recommended to wear them because they will make your legs look shorter. You can wear these jeans with a slightly longer top/t-shirts so as to avoid your buttock area exposed. Cone shaped women should also try them and also works great if you have a tattoo on your back or lower tummy and you want to show it off.

  • 4. Flare leg jeans

Flare leg jeans are designed to tightly fit the thighs and to flare up just below your knees. They look great on narrow hipped women and broad shouldered women

It is important to know your body type before going to acquire particular jeans. Classify your body into the curvy body types, slim body type, full-figured body types and athletic body type. Try to pay attention to your height also; whether you are short, tall or medium and try to take measurements in these three areas carefully:

· Around the hip bones
· Around your waist (the slimmest part of your waist)
· Around your bust line

4 Best Types Of Jeans For Women


Jeans should not be washed coarsely to avoid bleaching out and most jeans come with a wash’ that is meant to loosen and enlighten the jean material. Some of the most commonly washes for jeans include stone wash, acid wash, vintage wash and dirty wash.