Buying Guide for the Seamless Embroidery Machine

Indeed, the embroidery machine has the most significant impact on your artwork, aside from the materials used, design, and expertise. Here are critical points that you should take into consideration when buying a sewing machine for your embroidery works.

For those who are contemplating to buy an embroidery machine either for home use or for business, this guide aims in helping you choose an embroidery machine.

Sewing and Embroidering Function

A sewing/embroidering combo machine is a versatile machine that does both sewing and embroidering functions. It will truly be more convenient to have this type of machine rather than two separate machines for sewing and embroidering. You can also save some space. But if you have already a sewing machine at home, then you can buy an embroidering machine only to save on money.

machinePurpose of Embroidering

If your objective is to make some decorative stuff for your home, then you can go for simpler machines, but if you are thinking of making money out of this hobby, then there are machines that are suitable for higher demands. Machines for home use are heftier and are ideal when you are starting to love embroidery works. Commercial machines are used by pros for embroidery works that are meant for selling.

Single Needle or Multi-Needle Machine

Single needle machines are the ones that we commonly see in stores. They only have one hoop attachment and cannot handle a larger embroidery hoop. Multi-needle machines have 4-10 needles that make it a more powerful machine with improved capabilities, speed, and efficiency. Undoubtedly, multi-needle machines are used in the mass production of embroidery works by professional embroidery shops.

Hoop Size

You need an embroidery area for hooping, which is ideally 4’x4’ or 5”x7” in size. If you have a smaller space, then you have to rehoop more often. Larger machines require a larger hoop area, so you should always consider the size of your embroidering room before buying one.

flowerDurability and Affordability

Think of it as your investment, so you should not go for untested brands. The more trusted brands in the market are Singer, Brother, and Janone. They have proven with their long years of existence that they are durable and long-lasting brands. What’s good with popular brands is that you can avail of spare parts when they are damaged.

The trusted brands in the market usually command higher prices. But when you think of a good investment, longevity, and more excellent capabilities, then price should not be a factor at all when buying the best embroidery machine.