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3 Ways to Ensure your Brows Remain Gorgeous

Eyes are said to be the gates to the soul, if this statement is true, and then eyebrows are the frames that hold, protect, and keep the eyes polished. By filling in your eyebrows, you’re ready for a transformative change that will reflect in your appearance.

A few tips will ensure you maintain your eyebrows in the perfect shape. This starts by choosing the right brow products and implementing eyebrow care tips. Let us see several ways you take care of your eyebrows and look pretty amazing.

Pick the Right Makeup Products

In the market, you’ll get different products and brands of brow products; they include gels, pomades, pencils, and powders. The decision of which product to choose depends on the color intensity, the thickness of your hair, how dry or oil the area is, etc.

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For example, you don’t need to apply oily pomade on your brows if you have oily skin. If you have oily skin, it’s advisable to use powders and pencils. Those with dry skin should use gels and oil-based pomades.

If you want the best shapes for your brows, you should use a very thin brush or a sharpened brow pencil. After painting your eyebrows, you should clean up the edges using a concealer for a crisp look.

You should also consider the color of your skin when selecting brow products; for example, a majority of Hispanic and African-American ladies prefer dark-brown powder while Asian ladies mostly go for soft charcoal and soft-black powders.

Prime Your Brows

After tweezing your brows, it’s not advisable to apply to makeup directly since the makeup may penetrate your open pores or sting. You need to appreciate the fact that your hair follicles are very sensitive immediately after tweezing, and they require some comforting products. You can apply aloe gel or brow serum to your brows after tweezing.

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After approximately 20 minutes, you can apply your makeup. Finally, before applying the brow products, it’s wise to apply an eyebrow primer to ensure the product stays longer on your brows.

The Ideal Shape

The shape of your eyebrows should correlate to the shape of your face. Before choosing the right shape for your brows, you should understand that the presently trending shapes may not work right for your face, thus the need for research.

To get the perfect shape for your brows, you need to consider, your skin tone, your brows natural grow, the shape of your eyes and face. Contoured and symmetrical brows are ideal for oval faces. For those with square faces, they should go for lengthy or angular brows; these two are also best for middle-aged women.

Thus when choosing a brow type, you need to consider your age group and the shape of your face.…